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Bluetooth: It can be connected to Bluetooth, and 16 million color dynamic modes can be controlled through APP. Lights don’t have gradients and can only display one color. Light cannot have more than one color at the same time.

WIFI: It can be connected to Bluetooth and WIFI, and supports APP control and voice assistant control. The WIFI model supports mainstream third-party voice assistants on the market. Gradient and monochrome modes are supported. Multiple colors can appear in the light at the same time.

package contains
Style 1: Smart LED light bar*2, 1.5m USB cable*1, base*2, back bracket*2, user manual*1.

Style 2: Smart LED light bar*2, 1.5m USB cable*1 (with button), base*2, user manual*1, remote control*1

Select the plug specification, we will ship the corresponding plug

【Wonderful Lighting Experience】Intelligent LEDRGB light strips create a specific atmosphere. With the built-in microphone, the light bar can smoothly sync with music or ambient sound from your TV/computer, and the vibrant lighting enhances your gaming, music and movie experience. With 16 million colors and 12 preset modes and segmented color controls, it’s perfect for live concerts, karaoke nights, TV post or gaming.

Worry-free Voice Control: Supports Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can use Alexa or Google Assistant to control the RGB light bar on/off, adjust brightness, or change colors and scene modes with simple voice commands, all hands-free

3. Simple control: The smart LED light bar can be controlled through the APP: Download the “Tuya Smart” app to easily control the light bar; there are also 40 buttons infrared remote control in the package, which can realize various dream color modes, including music and scene modes , timing, brightness, etc.; and a control box that can switch lighting modes, power buttons, and more.

3 installation methods are easy: the smart ambient light bar can be installed in different ways through the base and bracket in the package, just use strong adhesive to fix the light bar to the back of the TV. Alternatively, use the provided stand to place a simple stand next to or behind your TV/computer. Lays flat without the use of stands and bases.

Ambient light on the table
Can be attached to the back of the TV

APP music mode
The light dances with the music Desktop atmosphere light,Convenient USB interface wiring

Multiple dynamic scene modes
The light changes with the selected mode

Time timing
Set the specified time on and off



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